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Woodlawn Elementary
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Woodlawn is a pillar of our North Lawrence community, providing access to education and other services to a diverse group of children and families.
We recognize that all of the neighborhood schools impacted by the proposals have significance and value to their communities.
Woodlawn Elementary provides education and services to kids and families in the North Lawrence and surrounding community. Like many of the communities potentially impacted, our kids and families often lack access to resources like transportation, flexible work schedules, resources for homeschooling, etc.
We place a high value on our school, especially in that is is one of the few places we don't have to cross the bridge to get to.
woodlawn contacts
Jayci Roberson, Principal
Alicia Erickson, Organizer and Parent
North Lawrence Improvement association
Ted Boyle, President
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Support for Woodlawn

Many support keeping Woodlawn Elementary in North Lawrence.
Thank you for the support!

River Rat Skate Shop
Gaslight Gardens
North Lawrence Improvement Association
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